The Yorkshire Mission to Mars – Saturday 12th March ’16

Just a few snippets from a fantastic day for family STEM learning during British Science Week.

Full blogposts from the event are at Ground Control’s website here, as 90 people joined us at the launch.

An amazing collaborative day as the Huddersfield and Leeds Raspberry Jam communities joined through a Space themed Jam – The Yorkshire Mission to Mars.

Digital making activities with Raspberry Pi:

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Launching Raspberry Pi, SenseHat and the BBC micro:bit up to Mars with Pete:

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Getting unplugged with Space themed STEM challenges

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For more details click on the Whippet in Spaaaace below, who was kindly created for the event by Amy:

Next date for the diary?

A Raspberry Jam in Hull on Saturday 23 April and Leeds on Wednesday 4th May.


Raspberry Jam in Leeds – March

We got musical, retro and nostalgic in a number of ways this month as members of our community shared projects old and new.

Playing the theremin, Clara Rockmore style, gave us ideas with gesture control and modern day equivalents.

And of course Clara’s musical artistry, and performances ‘playing the waves’, gave us more than a few creative ideas to bring back to 2016 and the future.

Clara Rockmore (1911 – 1998)

Another project turning heads and tuning ears was the 8-track hack.  Now with a Raspberry Pi embedded in the back of the player there are numerous musical possibilities to hear.

Look out for astro-themed requests at next week’s Mission to Mars Jam.

A collaboration project emerged to set up the drumhat from Pimoroni on one of the Raspberry Pi.

With further plans to crank up the volume and add a pianohat to work in stereo, we have the proverbial Leeds Jam band getting together.

It wasn’t all about music though, as we got updated disco lights on a home automation system and more gaming updates from our media group.

Not forgetting the latest designs in LEGO-Pi cases!

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The chance to try out the new Pi-droid device was taken up by many of us asking about the benefits of linking Android to a touch screen through Raspberry Pi.

More information about the Berryboot installer , which turned out to be an ingenious space saver and multi-purpose device with the touchscreen solution, from the link.

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Where to next?

We’ll see you at the launch to Mars on Saturday 12th March.

Ground Control is at Swallow Hill Community College, in Leeds.  Don’t forget to grab your ticket below.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1……