January Raspberry Jam in Leeds

Our first Raspberry Jam of 2016 was again hosted by our friends at Swallow Hill Community College: 

We offered a hands-on workshop to introduce those interested (or intrigued) in programming with Python through gaming, and there were also a wide range of individual questions supported by new collaborations and ongoing sharing:

  • How do I know if I’ve got the most up-to-date OS on my SD card?
  • How can I use Raspberry Pi in my classroom?
  • What kind of activities and challenges can I offer to my students who have a range of special educational needs?
  • Show me how to control my radiators with a Raspberry Pi!
  • I’ve used Scratch to make games.  What else can I do?
  • Show me what my main Christmas present can do….and help me with how I can explore…..look, it’s a Raspberry Pi with an electronics kit 🙂
  • How can we support our son/daughter at home with a Raspberry Pi?
  • Now I’ve used Pygame to play and hack, how can I code my own games?

Retro Pi Challenges

What else happens at the Raspberry Jam events in Leeds?

Well, with the wealth of experience and help available building up each month, wonders never cease 🙂


Home automation

A few snapshots below of what we explored this week; in addition to activities with electronics and IOT, soldering on-hand support, Gaming Central, Media Corner and robots galore.


Pygame Pairs – one hacked, the other played!


Computing convos


Celebrating an LED moment!


New discoveries with Pimoroni’s Flotilla set


Wearable Wonders!


Introducing KEITH the robot


Leading the way with loombands 🙂

Want to come along and join us next month?

Register here for free tickets when we’ll meet again at Swallow Hill on Wednesday 3rd February.


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