Minion transformation with a graphite pencil sketch and Makey Makey Go

Yey – Makey Makey Go Inventor kits and booster gubbins arrive on a post-Christmas rainy day.

Questions from the floor:

  1. What could we do in 10 minutes, including the time taken to unpack the box?
  2. How can such a small, portable kit inspire more ambitious projects to create using only space and left click initially?
  3. What’s possible now and in the new term?
  4. How?

Actually, most of the questions became rhetorical. Too much fun challenging visitors to catch fish with Dave the Minion’s graphite glove!

Ideas Boosters

The booster bag of pencil, longer crocodile clips, fabric and conductive tape etc provides a great catalyst for ideas to share.

Back to the game controller for now, though  😄


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