Does Spring really spring earlier in Lancashire?

A tad facetious, but a personal question that I’ve been vocalising for the last couple of years and one which I’m sure I’ve got the answer to, but want to explore.

I’m intrigued, as a Lancastrian now residing in Yorkshire, as to the considerations to explain how bulbs from the same bag can develop at different rates and bloom weeks apart.  Not wishing to start a ‘War of the Daffodils’ but year on year the Yorkshire bulbs do flower later!


8th March 2015

So that’s my Research and Play project for this term.  A comparison across the Pennines.

As a Smart Citizen how and can data help me to explain?  And indeed can it explain anything or nothing at all?

So that’s the context of the context.  Same bag.  That’s my question.


Same bag, different what…..

Introducing Smart Schools to the wider Research and Play schools’ projects sees an exciting partnership form with FutureEverything and Smart Citizen (via FabLab Barcelona).

Smart Citizen 2

In the first instance students in Salford will be offered extended opportunities as digital creators, through innovative and creative experimentation. That fits with the intention to support activities exploring computational thinking across the curriculum.

‘Digital Citizens’ as ‘Smart Citizens’ 

  • How creative can our students get when they collect their own environmental data and compared that to a worldwide network?
  • What would their question be if they developed a project based around computational thinking again? How will they make use of and visualise that big data as decision makers?


After Easter the programme will introduce young people and their teachers to physical computing, the Internet of Things (IOT) and continue the theme of creativity across the curriculum through Computing.

At the heart of this new project is pupil voice through Smart Citizen.

iaac-smart-citizen-3 (1)

Watch this space 🙂


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