Strictly More Pi

Me, myself and Pi

I love dance.  And I love everything about North Leeds Dance Academy.  Nicola’s driving vision through enthusiasm and the warmth of support from the whole team.  That’s from Ashleigh, Poli, Steve and Mark.  And that sense of belonging and sharing achievements and successes throughout the year.

So why so many months spent on the wrong side of the dance studio door?

So you think you can dance?  Me, myself and Pi? So you think you can dance? Me, myself and Pi?

First things first, and that’s to recognise the taxi and chaperoning duties that parenthood brings to a week’s already chaotic schedule.  That’s my OH and I scrambling around to this, that and that other, but predominantly dance classes and then listening to the progress in learning from the other side of the door as Ashleigh says….one more time:

“Cha Cha Cha, two, three”

“Forward, back, side, close, side”.

And then there’s the excuse of erratic working hours.   But more than anything it’s…

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