Halloween Health Week – 2 teachers, 2 learners, 3 dancers, 1 dog, a bike and the IOT

Me, myself and Pi

Can health data impact on educational performance and are we at astage whereaffordablewearable tech can supporta school-based project?

We’ve had many conversations over the last couple of months about the potential of wearables to impact on students’ health and also to underpin creative projects which include collecting and analysing personal data. And to additionally support CPD for teachers.

What if students could make decisions based on their own data about what their optimum level of sleep was each night? If school performance dipped could studentsbe empowered to change health and well-being lifestyle choices through analysis of their routine and data? Could data analysis of sleep patterns and exercise impact on future decision-making? How woulddiet and fitness affect performance?

IOT TAG Data &The Internet of Things? Or something else? What else?

How about supporting a project with a headteacher using school data to identify a particular group of students in a particular year…

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